PEL 90 Offshore – Orange Basin, Namibia


  • Seismic coverage includes 1,100 km of 2D seismic (2012) and 1,300 km of 2D seismic (2018) licensed from Spectrum.
  • Chevron entered into a farm-in and assumed operatorship on October 4th, 2022.
  • Trago will maintain a 10% interest in the block which will be carried by Chevron through an initial 3D seismic shoot and one exploration well.
  • Sintana has a 49% indirect interest in Trago. 
Partners Participation Interest
Chevron Namibia (Operator) 80%
Inter Oil (Pty) Ltd.  10%

* Effective Interest – On March 9th 2022, the Company completed the acquisition of 49% of Inter Oil (Pty) Ltd (Trago). Inter Oil subsequently completed a farm-out with Chevron resulting in an effective interest to Sintana Energy in PEL 90 of 5% carried interest through the initial exploration phase.


PEL 90 Snapshot

Location Upper Orange Basin
Area 5,433 km2
Water Depth 2300m – 3100m
Grant Date 20-Jun-18
Licence Term 4 years + 2 renewal terms of 2 years
2D Seismic 1260 km
3D Seismic  
Nearby Wells Venus-1X (Total 2022)
Graff-1X (Shell 2022)
La Rona-1X (Shell 2022)
Moosehead-1 (HRT 2014)